What are the shutters made of?
We manufacture all wooden plantation shutters from natural northern hardwood. They have many natural characteristics that make it more durable and warp resistant. They also provide for a lighter-weight shutter and are harvested in a sustainable fashion. Our "Poly" ThermoWood Shutters are made from a SOLID 100% Polymer material. No caps, rapped MDF, poly coating over composite wood, hollow components. Our poly shutters are made from wood-like material.

Do you manufacture poly shutters?
TPS is excited to offer a SOLID POLY SHUTTER (ThermoWood) to complement our highly demanded hardwood shutter line. Go to this website: www.thermowoodshutters.com

What are prices for plantation shutters?
Call us for pricing.

What are my color options?
TPS has its own color matching lab on site. This allows paint specialists to match any color you can think of and produce it in the factory. And, because TPS can use low VOC paint materials, there are little of the health risks associated with lacquer finishes.

I have an arch. Is there something you can do to cover it?
TPS boasts one of the most experienced specialty departments in the industry, and can manufacture an interior shutter to fit pretty much any opening ... including one with arches!

What is your Guarantee?
TPS is proud of the product they manufacture, and offers a lifetime warranty on workmanship. A ten year warranty is available for the finish.