Wood Shutters

The trademark of The Plantation Shutter is its luxury hardwood shutter, a gorgeous addition to any home design and one of the most eco-friendly window treatments on the market today. 2½, 3½ & 4½ inch elliptical louver.

We exclusively use hardwood materials in the construction of our shutters. This ensures there is no resin in the wood that would cause pitch to bleed, or acid to flow through the painted finish. We use Basswood, an American hardwood, and Jelutung, an Indonesian hardwood, as they are some of the lightest in weight of all hardwoods.

Basswood trees are also known as the American Lime – or Linden-Tree. The northern forests have slower growing trees due to the radical and varying weather, resulting in much straighter and more stable trees. This is important because there are different qualities of basswood. All of the wood TPS uses comes from the north and we accept only furniture grade Basswood for our stained shutters.

During construction, durability and longevity top the list of TPS' concerns. For example, other manufacturers use wooden dowels to connect the various shutter panel parts. Wooden dowels do not provide the necessary support and stability to maintain integrity for the lifetime of the shutter. TPS chooses to use a mortise and tenon joint system, which resist sagging or pulling apart. Additionally, TPS uses a three part louver lock system to prevent shutter slats from drooping over time, where most other companies simply provide a “tension screw” that needs to be tightened by the homeowner every few weeks or months.

Solid Poly Shutters

We are proud to build ThermoWood Shutters. They look and feel like realwood shutters, they are made from a SOLID, non-toxic, recyclable, environmentally "green" solid poly material.The Look of Wood, The Strength of Technology. With ThermoShutters you get the best of both worlds: the look and feel of real wood shutters with the durability and energy efficiency of high-tech polymers.

Our best-of-breed poly shutters have a hardened "celuka" surface that is guaranteed for life to never warp, chip, yellow, peel, or crack. It insulates up to 3x better than wood shutters to lower your energy costs and is excellent for high-moisture areas. ThermoShutters also offer the highest fire resistance for your family possible - they will not burn and cannot be a flame source.

Our ThermoWood warranty is so strong, it’s actually *transferable (see note), thereby increasing the resale value of your home. Plantation shutters, unlike other window coverings, are an investment in your home. Make sure you look carefully, not only at the high quality product and various pricing options that you have, but also at the reliability and integrity of the company.

ThermoWood is a 1 1/8" thick solid poly shutter. Because of its solid polymer construction, the shutter is a sturdy product. The strength of this product allows us to make each panel up to 36" wide. We allow you the ability to add arches or cut-outs to your shutters that few others can. Our poly shutter is painted; but where most of our competition manufacture their vinyl products using pre-painted components which is supposed to equal the painted finish of a wood shutter, We paint out shutters exactly like we do our wood shutters. This provides our customers the choice of using a custom paint match.

ThermoWood Plantation Shutters