Our shutters are made with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail as fine wood furniture. Each component of every unit is custom designed for optimal appearance, function, and fit.

Solid premium grade hardwood is used throughout. We never use pressed or veneered wood.

Hardwood is known for its resistance to warping, twisting, and bowing. It is virtually resin free and will not sag under its own weight. As testimony to its reputation for stability and straightness, Basswood is used almost universally to make drafting tables.

Joints between stiles and rails are mortise and tenon and glued for strength and durability. Louvers are attached to the tilt bar with non-corroding, glue-coated staples.

Custom shutters are built from solid Hardwood mufactured for your window.

Self-tensioning louvers require no unsightly tension adjusting screws or holes , and stay in the exact selected position. All louvers are guaranteed not to warp.

Our precision tools and machinery are calibrated and adjusted often to assure that tolerances are correct and each component part of every shutter fits exactly. Inspections are made at each assembly point.

Stained shutters are sanded, hand dipped, hand rubbed, sealed, sanded, and protected with two clear top coats. Painted shutters are sealed, sanded, primed, re-sanded, and covered with two satin finish top coats. Shutters are allowed to dry for a minimum of 48 hours before further handling.

Finally, individual shutters are assembled into complete units with all hardware and hanging strips, or frames, attached.